Senior Manager Sustainability Assurance

Ready to make an impact on the world? As a Senior Manager Sustainability Assurance, you play a crucial role in ensuring non-financial information is accurately accounted for. 

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Senior Manager Sustainability Assurance

Ready to make an impact on the world? As a Senior Manager Sustainability Assurance, you play a crucial role in ensuring non-financial information is accurately accounted for. Put your expertise to the test by diving into integrated reports, sustainability reports, and carbon footprints. Join our team and become a driving force behind the new standard of sustainability!

The opportunity - What future are you building towards?

Today, societies demand greater responsibility from the organizations that they work for, buy from, and invest in. Organizations that effectively anchor their approach to long-term value with an authentic purpose are best positioned to measure, demonstrate, and benefit from the value they create.

In response to this, we are looking for high-performing, innovative, and enthusiastic candidates to join our growing team of individuals intent on helping clients to identify, measure, and report on the non-financial performance metrics which are most relevant to their businesses.

This role will place you at the heart of a high-energy, agile EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services team that is committed to helping clients build long-term value. This opportunity will enable you to work with leading organizations at a senior level and interact with EY colleagues globally and across service lines. There will also be ample opportunities to work across different areas within the wider team.

Our team - Do great minds always think alike?

Within the Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) department, we provide advice and support to our clients in the areas of sustainability controls and assurance on various sustainability aspects. Our team in the Netherlands consists of approximately 150 colleagues and is characterized, among other things, by our shared passion for sustainability and creating long-term value. Within our team, we have various specialized sub-teams that focus on decarbonization, Life Cycle Assessments, and non-financial reporting, among other things.

Responsibilities – How can you make a lasting impact in a rapidly changing world?

  • Collaborate with your team to map client processes during interim control, then provide assurance during the year-end audit on the final project, which can include non-financial information in the client's annual report.
  • Act as an advisory voice on non-financial information issues when meeting with clients, in addition to completing audit work.
  • Enhance your personal and professional growth by getting involved with coaching, innovation, or quality improvement projects while working in your regular capacity.
  • Work with top-tier organizations in a senior capacity, as well as team up with EY colleagues worldwide across various service lines. In our multidisciplinary team, opportunities abound to contribute to various focus areas.

Job requirements – Where do you start if you want to change the world?

  • At least a master’s degree in accounting or a related field.
  • A Registered Accountant (RA) or Chartered Accountant (CA)/CA(SA) designation is a big plus.
  • Gained at least 9 years of relevant (work) experience in the (financial) audit practice.
  • Able to communicate fluently in English and preferably in Dutch as well.
  • Strong passion for sustainability and building a better working world.

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Equal opportunities

At EY, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. Our belief is that the unique perspectives and experiences of each individual make our team stronger and more innovative. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued, regardless of age, gender, race, background, sexuality, or any other characteristic that makes you unique.

What we offer – Is everything that counts being counted?

  • Vitality: the choice is yours. An online session with an external vitality coach, practical tips on topics such as nutrition, energy, sleep, and mindset and/or a voucher card to rent a padel court.
  • Flexible working: you decide where and when you work in consultation with your team. At home, at the office or at the client.
  • Home office arrangement: to optimally set up your home office, EY has the following resources available for you: office chair, sit/stand desk, external monitor, desk lamp, (Bluetooth) headset and a large external keyboard.

For more information about our employment terms, visit our page here.

The office

With over 10 offices spread throughout the country, we offer flexible options for base office locations. While most of our CCaSS colleagues are based in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, we warmly welcome applicants from all parts of the Netherlands.

Recruitment procedure – How can you prepare for a long life together?

In our hiring process, we want to ensure a thorough evaluation of your qualifications. It starts with a review of your CV by our Hiring Manager, followed by an introductory call with our Recruiter to discuss your experience and expectations. You will then be asked to complete an online assessment to assess your skills and personality. If successful, you will be invited for a first interview with our Recruiter and a team member. Upon successfully completing the first interview, you will have a second interview with our Partners. If all goes well, we will extend a formal offer to you.

Pre-employment screening

Due to laws and regulations, and because EY (and in some cases its clients) has high demands on the reliability and integrity of its employees, every new employee will be screened. Depending on your rank, the pre-employment screening could contain the following: Certificate of Conduct (in Dutch: VOG) or - if requesting a Dutch VOG is not possible - Criminal Background Check of the country you are currently living or have lived during the last five years, integrity questionnaire, verification of ID, diploma’s and/or work experience and consultation of the Dutch insolvency registry.


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